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Business English


Introduction to Business English:

MBA Center provides Business English training for professional individuals and individuals with professional ambitions, from high school and university students, to young professionals and executives.  MBA Center Business English is taught in intensive and semi-intensive programs, with class sizes ranging from 6 to 12 students per program.  MBA Center Instructors possess unique skills in language training specifically adapted to the business world.  In addition, MBA Center Business English is designed to mesh with MBA Center Test Preparation courses,  such as TOEFL, IELTS and TOEIC preparation, because at MBA Center we believe all trainees should receive a thorough and detailed assessment of their proficiency at the end of each course. MBA Center offers programs adapted to different levels of English proficiency.  Here is a list of our most successful programs:

  1. Intermediate Business English
  2. Advanced Business English
  3. Business English for Sales and Marketing
  4. Business English for Financial Management and Accounting
  5. Business English for Effective Communication
  6. Cross Cultural Training


MBA Center uses the latest testing technology to cater to your Business English needs. Each MBA Center Business English program is complemented by an extensive number of practice assessment tests to help every trainee accurately keep track of their progress.


Why should I study Business English?


Doing business in English is a vital necessity in today's world.  For English learners of all levels, MBA Center provides an expansive series of on-line and in-class Business English courses where you will learn the communication skills you need for the business world of today.


Do you have a job interview in English?  Do you simply want know how to take down and leave messages over the telephone?  Maybe you just want to know how schedule appointments and make arrangements?  Or are you looking for ways to participate more in meetings?  MBA Center can help you master these essential communication skills.


Do you need to manage problem-solving or decision-making meetings?  Have you been assigned to prepare a PowerPoint presentation for a British prospect?  Do you have to answer some questions in a teleconference with an American client who wants a status report?  Or do you need to interview someone in English?  MBA Center can help you enhance your communication skills for these increasingly common business situations.


Are you heading a question and answer session at a seminar?  Do you want to improve your small talk in business related social events?  Are you entertaining a manufacturer visiting from China?  Do you have to brief a multinational team on product development?  Are you defending your cost-cutting program to a German board of directors?  Are you trying to license your business to an Indian company?  Or are you negotiating an international public-private partnership?  Then MBA Center can help you sharpen your high-level communication skills for these advanced business situations.


MBA Center offers two-level Business English courses for groups and individuals.  Our group courses are designed to cover all of the main communication skills used in everyday business.  Individual courses can be costumed-tailored to professionals dealing with more sophisticated objectives.  Our general courses can also be taken by individuals, with adjustments made as needed.   Each course is taught in a class by an MBA Center Instructor, either on-line via videoconferencing, or at our learning center.  Class-time is devoted to oral production and interaction, or conversational English.  Grammar-in-context and vocabulary-in-context is also practiced, meaning grammar and vocabulary specifically suited to certain business situations is used during the class conversation.  Homework is assigned in preparation for each class.


Business English courses at the MBA Center are NOT required to be taken together in a series, or in singular comprehensive programs.  We respect the time constraints imposed on our students by their busy schedules.  Also, some students need more classes, others less.  And some want to focus on specific areas of difficulty, while others want a general review.  To allow for greater flexibility, MBA Center lets our students design their own programs and choose what courses they want to take and how many they want to take.




A Business English course with MBA Center will provide you with:

- More confidence in your ability to conduct business in English

- Greater verbal fluency for face-to-face business situations

- More professional approach and interaction with clients

- Greater confidence to effectively represent your organisation at an international level

- Improved cross-border communication with colleagues and clients

- Enhanced comprehension skills and clearer pronunciation




Who should attend?

Any undergraduate or postgraduate student, any professional or middle-manager who is looking to improve their business English fluency and skills. These courses are offered to individual candidates and to groups of students, professional managers and to companies looking for a Business English solution.




Course Formats:

To suit the wide ranging needs of our students and professional candidates, the MBA Center offers a wide choice of Business English course formats. All courses below are offered in 3 different formats to suit your needs:

- live in our local MBA Centers (or on-site for universities or companies)

- online in groups (specific schedules available)

- online in private tutoring (personalized schedule) for your convenience.




Academic Contents & Skill Improvement:

All our Business English courses are designed to meet the specific needs of our clients and will be determined by personal/organisational requirements, existing level and end objectives. However, core subject areas for a Business English course will include:

- Fluency enhancement

- Improved listening skills for meetings and teleconferences

- Role, company and sector-specific vocabulary

- Achieving clarity in written English

- Listening skills for meetings and teleconferences

- Effective written communication techniques



Our Unique Approach:

Since 1996, MBA Center has been one of the key Business English training providers in Europe. Our offers are now available for all international candidates. Individual and in-company group Business English courses are available seven days a week, 365 days a year, both in our local MBA Centers and online (in groups or in private tutoring).   We guarantee 100% flexibility and efficiency. Courses take place between 8AM and 8PM although training is also available outside of these hours upon request, especially for private tutoring courses.  Please refer to course dates for groups in local MBA Centers and Online in the Schedule.


We usually recommend an intensive group course, either in a local MBA Center or Online. Private tutoring is typically chosen by candidates who  require a more flexible format to suit their professional schedule. Your MBA Center advisor will help you choose among all formats the most efficient course and schedule.


Suitable tailored and published materials will be used throughout your course, with recommendations on self-study material and extra reading made at the beginning and throughout the duration of your course.


Contact your local MBA Center to benefit from our educational guidance.  Anyone enquiring will be contacted directly by a member of our staff.




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