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Kellogg-WHU Executive MBA


The highly succesful Kellogg-WHU Executive MBA program is jointly offered by the world renowned Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University (Chicago, USA) and WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management (Vallendar, Germany), and truly synthesise the US American and European Management know-how. While designed for executives preparing for senior management, the aim Whu-Kellog-headquatersof the program is to prepare future senior managers to successfully lead organizations in a constantly changing business environment by focusing on TEAM leadership and personal development.


Now in its 15th year the program was ranked 17th in the world in The Financial Times Ranking 2011 and was placed 8th in Europe in the same ranking. It is part of the global Kellogg-EMBA which is among the best in the world. In addition to learning from world renowned faculty from both The Kellogg School of Management and WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management, students can drow from the diverse backgrounds of their classmates - whether across cultures, industries and areas of expertise. Graduates earn a joint MBA degree from both business schools, and benefit strongly from the outstanding and active worldwide alumni network.


The class schedule of the Kellogg-WHU Executive MBA Program allows executives to continue working while actively participating in the program. Thus, students have the added advantage of applying their newly acquired skills immediately in workplace situations. The program consists of thirty courses covering a broad range of topics covering all aspects of general management. Now in its 14th year, the highly successful Kellogg-WHU Program is modularly based, with classes generally taking place in Vallendar, Germany every two months with back-to-back weekends (Thurs-So) over a 2 year period. Overseas exposure include a required 2-week session on The Kellogg campus (Evanston/Chicago) and one week module at one of the additional partner schools in Hong Kong, Tel Aviv, Toronto or Miami. As a result, the program is particularly suited to candidates who wish to enhance their global leadership skills and enter top management positions or establish their enterpreneurial patch to success.







WHU-Kellog-KW13 Beard, Sarah (15)

        ''Participating in Kellogg-WHU was an amazing, life-changing experience. It offered me a world class professional and personal development programme, as I was able to tailor my electives to my needs. Been taught within a truly global context, where concepts are connected with real business situations, prepared me to function as an influential team player. The best thing of all is that you share special connections with people, even in the briefest of moments, as everyone has something in common. It’s like being part of a Kellogg family, with lifelong relationships and lifelong learning.'' Sarah Beard 2011.06.20





WHU-Kellog-KW14 Bason, Peter (8)


        ''The Kellogg EMBA has really opened my eyes to the necessity of understanding all aspects of the business. My 12 years of professional experience amount to just a small tip of the iceberg compared to the knowledge I gain in the program. I find myself able to engage with more colleagues on the working level of their particular field of expertise. Though I’m not a commercial controller, I can discuss the pros and cons of our cost accounting system. And while I’ve never worked in marketing, I can participate in strategic positioning discussions and add real value. The Kellogg EMBA program has given me these new insights. The Kellogg EMBA is as much about academic learning as it is about personal insight – learning about just how far your own physical and mental abilities can be grown. It’s difficult to provide sage advice to an applicant . . . just know in your heart and mind that you will have to dig down deep for two years in order to end up with a Masters degree. Don’t fear it, but don’t underestimate it, either. You will have to call on all of your skills – even (and especially) the ones you never bothered to strengthen!'' Peter Bason 2011.03.22




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