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Online Package - SAT E-Course + TOEFL PT
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Online Package - SAT E-Course + TOEFL PT

Package 9 offers a preferential rate for those wishing to take the SAT Online Group Class along with 10 hours of private tuition for the TOEFL exam. Especially useful for candidates who need extra help on their English skills to access higher SAT scores.

€1 250.00

Product: Online Package - SAT E-Course + TOEFL PT

Package 9 - SAT Online Course + TOEFL PT 10 Hours | Class: Group | Duration: 26 | Session: 8 | Schedule: Every Saturday

This specialised package offers the SAT Online Group course and 10 hours of TOEFL private tuition at preferential rates. Many non-native English speakers may need good scores in both the SAT and TOEFL tests for their application program. This package can be particularly useful for students with an average TOEFL score and a low SAT score who would like to reach scores that reflect their true potential.

There are other benefits which follow from studying for the TOEFL and SAT tests together. Not only is there some overlap between the course content for each test (such as certain grammatical principles), but the firm grounding in the English language taught as preparation for the TOEFL test can often deepen a student’s understanding of Verbal questions on the SAT: the academic knowledge gained in these courses has benefits beyond the scope of the tests.


The SAT Online Group course:

At the MBA Center, SAT Online group classes can be taken every Saturday, all year round. The program runs comprises of 16 hours of intensive instruction which takes place over 4 consecutive Saturdays.

A highly comprehensive course, the SAT Online Group course aims to familiarize students quickly with the test, test-taking techniques, as well as the essential Verbal and Math reviews needed to excel on the exam.

The latest technology is used to make these classes as dynamic as possible, with many opportunities for class participation. Students make the most of this animated classroom format which allows open dialogue: not only with a trained SAT instructor, but also with other SAT candidates from all over the world. For those looking for an exciting introduction to the SAT test, this is a great place to start!

Candidates who book this course will be contacted within 24 hours by an MBA Center representative to ensure that they book a program suited to their specific needs: certain candidates will find it more helpful to book the SAT group course along with private tutoring, or that they would like additional instruction for other exams alongside the SAT, such as the TOEFL.


TOEFL Private Tuition:

As with all private tuition courses offered at the MBA Center, TOEFL private tuition is designed to customize course content and training methodology to suit the student’s specific strengths and weaknesses. Many students find that a personalized setting with a trained instructor is just what they need to get to the bottom of any difficulties they may have with the test and to build the confidence enabling them to get the grades that reflect their true potential.

 Typically chosen along with group courses or as a final review prior to sitting the official examination, private tutoring is delivered every day, at any time and anywhere in the world using online and live class modes. The amount of tutoring is also adaptable to the student’s needs, with most booking private instruction in packages of 10 or 20 hours at a time. In some cases, candidates prefer to book 2 hours of private tuition at a time. This is the minimum booking time possible this class.

 Feel free to contact an Advisor if you wish guidance about which program is best suited to your needs and goals.


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