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Online Package - SAT E-Course + SAT PT
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Online Package - SAT E-Course + SAT PT

Package 8 combining the SAT Online Group class with 10 hours of one-on-one personalized instruction with an experienced SAT teacher is a highly result-oriented solution for candidates looking to reach their highest potential SAT score.

€1 500.00

Product: Online Package - SAT E-Course + SAT PT

Package 8 - SAT Online Course + SAT PT 10 Hours | Class: Group | Duration: 26 | Session: 8 | Schedule: Every Saturday

This package combines the dynamism and intensive coverage of the SAT Online Group course with the personalized attention of Private tutoring with a special package offering preferential tarifs. Especially useful for students who have particular issues with the test and have not been reaching the scores that they are capable of reaching, or simply for those applying to colleges requiring exceptional SAT scores.

 The SAT Online Group course takes place conveniently on Saturdays, and runs throughout the year. Combining the SAT Online Group course with 10 hours of personalized SAT tutoring allows the candidate to follow an intensive program which lasts 8 consecutive Saturdays, totalling 26 hours of qualitative instruction.

Although shown to be successful in helping students with difficulties reach their highest potential score, the combination of SAT Online Group Classes with Private Tuition can also be a highly effective option for international candidates who are completely new to the test and want a thorough academic grounding for the SAT.

The Online Group class uses the latest technology to provide a dynamic and interactive classroom format to candidates who can follow the course wherever they want in the world. Covering 100% of the key Math and Verbal concepts tested on the SAT, the course also explores strategic test-taking techniques so that candidates can make the best use of their knowledge within the specific time-pressure context of the exam.

The MBA Center’s Private tuition courses offer the highly personalized attention of working one-on-one with an SAT instructor who will not only custom-design the course content but also adapt his or her teaching methods to reach the candidate’s needs. Candidates can benefit greatly from this added time and attention, often finding that it helps them build confidence for the test.

Candidates should book this course and expect to be contacted within 24 hours by an MBA Center representative for additional academic guidance. It is recommended to determine a schedule ahead in order to avoid errors in bookings. Private tuition is highly versatile- the candidate can book classes whenever and wherever they want provided that the minimum class time is 2 hours- and so can easily be used alongside the SAT Online Group course or as a final support and review before sitting the official exam.

 Feel free to contact an Advisor if you wish to discuss your strengths and weaknesses before making your first booking.


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