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MBA IQ, Master the MBA Lexicon:

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Discover MBA IQ:

Developed by two Harvard Business School alumnae, the MBA IQ is an online course that enables someone to Master the MBA Lexicon. It covers the following 12 modules:

·         General Management, Leadership, and Strategy
·         Operations Management
·         Marketing Management
·         Quality and Process Management
·         Human Resources Management
·         Accounting
·         Finance
·         Information Technology
·         Corporate Control, Law, Ethics, and Governance
·         International Business
·         Project Management
·         Decision Sciences and Managerial Economics

The syllabus covered in the MBA IQ is truly universal - it is applicable to individuals who work in a range of industries – from banking and manufacturing to consulting and consumer products. As a result, it is perfect for any individual looking to prepare for the MBA classroom. Whether you come from a non-traditional background (i.e., military, non-profit, or government) or want to make sure you hit the ground running and get the most out of the MBA experience, the MBA IQ Course will equip you with the concepts, vocabulary, frameworks, and formulas necessary for success.

MBA IQ Added Value to Applicants and to Admitted MBA Students:

For MBA applicants, the MBA IQ Knowledge Transcript can be included in their applications as additional academic coursework for consideration. This is a free service we provide to all individuals who complete the MBA IQ Course, thereby providing an additional data point of an individual’s academic readiness for an MBA.

For admitted MBA students, we believe that the time to prepare for the MBA classroom begins when you receive your acceptance letter. We believe in the value of the MBA classroom – it is the source of some of the most critical experiences during the business school. The more prepared you are for the MBA classroom, the more you can contribute to class discussion and get more out of it. Grades matter!

The MBA IQ offers a diverse learning platform
•       Online course with a physical workbook to support
•       Addresses different learning styles – reading assignments / E-flashcards / quizzes / self assessments
•       Provides a knowledge transcript that we can send to business schools on your behalf

Go beyond and further:

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