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Each of the Kellogg School’s campuses has its own unique character, but all three are distinctly Kellogg. The Full-Time Program is based in Evanston, Ill., while the Part-Time Programs are housed some 12 miles to the south, in the heart of Chicago’s bustling financial district. The Executive MBA Program is based in Evanston and Coral Gables, Fla. — a stone’s throw from Miami.

Supported by a worldwide network of 50,000 alumni, today's students continue the legacy that began when the school was founded at Northwestern University one hundred years ago.

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If you have clear academic goals and you're confident about where you want your degree to take you, you can earn a Kellogg MBA in just one year as a full-time student in our accelerated program.

Since the late 1960s, the Kellogg School's One-Year (1Y) MBA Program has been the educational experience of choice for career-minded professionals. 
Meet 1Y Student Sarah Brindle

In four quarters, 1Y students receive a Kellogg MBA, and with it the opportunity to climb the corporate ladder at a rapid pace.

Because only 1.5 of the program's course credits are required, the 1Y program offers an incredibly flexible curriculum to fit your needs and future plans.
Students complete core coursework prior to enrollment at Kellogg and focus on advanced electives that will accelerate their career.
Choose from 18 areas of study. Most students choose two to three majors, but pursuing more is not unusual.
The point is to make the MBA program unique to your needs.


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The Two-Year (2Y) Master of Business Administration program is a traditional MBA program.
With 960 first- and second-year students enrolled, 2Y is also the largest MBA program at Kellogg.
2Y students attend classes during the Fall, Winter and Spring quarters for two academic years.

Meet 2Y Student, Frank Saso

Each student completes an internship during the summer following the first year.

Two-Year MBA students complete a rigorous core curriculum that prepares them for advanced work in academic majors and professional fields. The 2Y core consists of nine courses in accounting, management and organizations, marketing, finance, decision sciences, and management and strategy.
All core courses must be completed within the first year in order to advance to the second year.
Students complete at least 24.5 credit units over the six quarters they are enrolled.


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The MMM Program is a dual-degree program that integrates management, operations and design,from concept to execution.

MMM students learn a systems approach to managing a company: “design thinking”to develop products and services that are innovative and customer-focused, and “process thinking” to eliminate operational waste in production and delivery. This unique combination of skills permits MMM graduates to take a total view of a company’s products and services.

MMMs receive two degrees with one set of curricular requirements in just two years: the Master of Business Administration from Kellogg and the Master of Engineering Management from McCormick.
They enjoy all the advantages of a Kellogg MBA and a mastery of key topics in operations and design from McCormick, one of the country’s leading engineering schools. Within the MBA curriculum, students can choose business majors including finance, marketing and strategy. The MEM curriculum offers a major in Design and Operations.
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The Kellogg School and Northwestern University's School of Law offer the only integrated Juris Doctor MBA program. The JD-MBA gives students a thorough grounding in both management and law. Their multidisciplinary education prepares JD-MBA students to address the many legal and business issues that they will face in their roles within legal practice, public governance, consulting, investment banking, entrepreneurship, venture capital and other careers.
The JD-MBA program is an accelerated course of study. The core curriculum is complemented with elective course work in such areas as finance, entrepreneurship, international business law, real estate law and tax law. Both degrees are awarded upon completion of 16 managerial courses and 72 hours of law coursework.

Students complete the program in three years, rather than the five years that it would take to finish the two degrees separately. Students spend their first year of study (including the summer) at the Law School on the Chicago campus. During the second year, students attend the Kellogg school. During the final year of the program students take courses at the Law School, but may take additional electives at Kellogg.


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