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IELTS E-Course - Group - Online
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IELTS E-Course - Group - Online

The IELTS Online Group Class for beginners and international IELTS candidates is a webex-based course delivered by an experienced MBA Center instructor who will customize the course to fit your test-taking needs.


Product: IELTS E-Course - Group - Online

IELTS E-Course | Class: Group | Duration: 16 | Session: 4 | Schedule: Every Saturday


 At the MBA Center, IELTS Online Group classes are held every Saturday, all year-round. The program takes place over 4 consecutive Saturdays and amounts to a total of 16 hours of class time. This course is a great way to get started if you’ve never taken the IELTS test before and are looking for an effective program that will quickly point you in the right direction. Your IELTS instructor will give you the technical grounding in the English language necessary to access those higher test scores and will adapt the course content based on your test-taking needs. The International Virtual Classroom, where students participate from all corners of the globe is also a great way to practice speaking in English under the guidance of a trained instructor. 


 By contacting an MBA Center representative, candidates can start planning how to reach the IELTS test results that they want and will find answers to any questions they might have about the program. Trained MBA Center instructors can also advise on how to plan your IELTS study program, helping you to integrate your IELTS study plan with your other goals, for example, sitting the TOEFL exam or making a winning MBA application with a specialized MBA applications coach.


 Candidates who want to get started right away will be contacted by an MBA Center representative within 24 hours of booking the course. We encourage booking in advance to ensure that candidates get the classtimes that they want.


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