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Online Package - GMAT E-Course + TOEFL PT
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Online Package - GMAT E-Course + TOEFL PT

Package 3 combines the GMAT Online Group course (which provides dynamic coverage of essential GMAT principles) with private TOEFL instruction (which enables the candidate to work on specific English language difficulties with a trained instructor).

€1 500.00

Product: Online Package - GMAT E-Course + TOEFL PT

Package 3 - GMAT Online Course + TOEFL PT 10 Hours | Class: Group | Duration: 26 | Session: 8 | Schedule: Every Saturday


The combination of the GMAT Online Group Class with ten hours of TOEFL Private Tutoring comes at a preferential price so that candidates can benefit from the high degree of complimentarity between the two classes. Combining the two courses is especially interesting for students who already have an average, or good, TOEFL score with a low GMAT score, and who would like to have the extra grounding in the English language necessary to improve their scores on both tests.


1) GMAT Online Course :

The MBA Center offers candidates the possibility of taking GMAT Online Group classes every Saturday of the year, all year-round. This in-depth study program consists of 4 consecutive Saturdays which run for a total of 16 hours in class. The program begins by taking GMAT candidates through key principles needed to excel at the exam, outlined clearly in the MBA Center fundamental math and verbal reviews. Candidates will then learn test-taking strategies to help them to make the most of their knowledge and to be smart about how they go out about answering questions. These classes are a great way for International GMAT candidates who have never taken the test before to quickly familiarize themselves with the core concepts needed to achieve higher scores on the GMAT. What are you waiting for: get started now!

The MBA Center now presents 12 brand new GMAT practice tests available from the E-Store with an Online Adaptive platform. Maximize the benefits of the GMAT Online Group course with these recently developed tests, especially designed to consolidate the knowledge acquired in the Online Group classes. Practice makes perfect!

 Candidates who book this course, will be contacted within 24 hours by an MBA Center representative for additional academic guidance. In this way, they will be advised on the booking process- how to determine a schedule ahead in order to avoid errors in bookings- as well as how to plan the best study plan for all thei MBA application needs (for example, integrating GMAT study prep with MBA coaching).


2) TOEFL PT (10 hours).  

Especially useful for candidates whose weaknesses with English grammar and usage cause them difficulties with the GMAT, combining the GMAT Online Group class with 10 hours of private instruction for the TOEFL is a quick and effective way to even the playing ground while competing against GMAT candidates who are native English speakers.

Working one-on-one with your TOEFL instructor, you can use private tuition to hone in on your own personal difficulties and questions as well as focus on aspects of English grammar and usage essential to GMAT test taking.

This course offers the possibility of deepening your knowledge of concepts tested on the GMAT by probing deeper into certain grammar and language concepts with the guidance of a trained English teacher.


Feel free to contact an Advisor if you wish to discuss your strengths and weaknesses before making your first booking.

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