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Online Package - GMAT E-Course + TOEFL E-Course
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Online Package - GMAT E-Course + TOEFL E-Course

Package one combines GMAT and TOEFL study preparation in a dynamic Online Group Courses taught using Webex, state of the art technology creating a fun and interactive online classroom. Take this package and benefit from our preferential rates!

€1 250.00

Product: Online Package - GMAT E-Course + TOEFL E-Course

Package 1 - GMAT + TOEFL Online Courses | Class: Group | Duration: 32 | Session: 8 | Schedule: Every Saturday


At the MBA Center, the GMAT and TOEFL Online group classes are a fantastic way to integrate a thorough academic grounding in concepts needed to score well on the GMAT exam as well as a complete review of general English skills, which will also help to boost your TOEFL score.

Taking place every Saturday, these classes are available to candidates all year-round. This complete program consists of 8 consecutive Saturdays, over which students benefit from a total of 32 hours of classtime.

As opposed to other methods focusing primarily on ‘beating the test’, at the MBA Center, GMAT instruction focuses on both having a firm grasp of the concepts tested as well as practicing smart test-taking habits. The program quickly introduces candidates to the MBA Center fundamental math and verbal reviews, before taking them through essential test-taking skills and techniques. The added benefit of combining GMAT and TOEFL study preparation in one comprehensive course, is that there is much overlap between the English grammar and verbal reasoning skills tested on each exam. Studying for the GMAT and TOEFL together can often help candidates to deepen their understanding of English verbal skills, as well as to create a more efficient study plan.

These effective classes are a great way to hit the ground running for International GMAT candidates who are eager to get started on the road to their first choice business school.  

The brand new 12 GMAT tests developed by the MBA Center’s Research & Devleopment team are a highly complimentary study aid. Using an adaptive online platform (available in the E-Store), these tests use dynamic software to strengthen and consolidate GMAT knowledge learnt in the Online Group class.

Similarly, practice TOEFL tests featuring 100% original course content are now available on the MBA Center E-store.

 Candidates who book this course are contacted within 24 hours by an MBA Center representative who will offer additional academic guidance and answer any questions. We recommend that candidates determine a schedule ahead of time in order to avoid errors in bookings. An MBA Center representative will see to it that candidates get the bookings that they want, and can provide further counsel about how online GMAT & TOEFL courses with any of the candidate’s other MBA application needs, for example private tutoring, or MBA coaching (application, essay editing and interview preparation).


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