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About the MBA Center


The MBA Center is a network of educational advising and test preparation centers that help prospective MBA students enhance their chances of admission to business schools. We also work with MBA programs, assisting them in identifying and reaching qualified candidates for admission.

MBA Center offers MBA information and preparation service internationally. Established in 1996 by a group of test preparation specialists and admissions consultants, our centers have helped thousands of non-native English-speaking MBA applicants succeed in entering the best business programs in the United States, Canada, and Western Europe. The MBA Center management is dedicated to establishing its global presence and strengthening its expertise in test preparation, professional training, business English training and admissions coaching.

The MBA Center network of test prep centers has been constantly expanding and currently operates in ten countries in Europe and South America. The MBA Center is more than a network of educational centers: through our investment in research and development we have created a team of MBA admission experts as well as strong IT and publishing departments. Since its early days in Paris, the MBA Center has responded to client demand by rapidly expanding both geographically and in its range of services, offering serious students help at every step along the way: from initial consultations and diagnostic testing to intensive test preparation plus coaching and complete application support. Services include candidacy assessment, school selection, GMAT and TOEFL classes and tutoring, essay writing and resume editing, interview preparation and career orientation. Depending on Center location, we also offer TOEIC, SAT, GRE, LSAT, and TAGE-MAGE courses and tutoring.

Our high standards as well as our commitment to the needs of individual clients have earned us a solid reputation among MBA applicants and the most prestigious MBA programs. We measure our success by the success of our students, many of whom have won admission to the best business programs in Europe and North America. It is the unique MBA Center teaching methodology, outstanding instructors and coaches, superb study materials, the optimal organization of the courses, the use of innovative technologies, and individual approach to student's needs that propel our students to progress steadily and rapidly.


For prospective students

MBA Center provides prospective MBA students with comprehensive guidance and assistance throughout all stages of the application process.

  • At MBA Center we offer*:
  • advising and consulting;
  • evaluation of the applicant's profile;
  • test preparation (TOEFL, TOEIC, GMAT, GRE, SAT, LSAT**);
  • individual coaching;
  • essay correction;
  • interview preparation;
  • thorough follow-up of the applicant's preparation progress.


The MBA Center preparation methodology is specifically designed to help local applicants to maximize their chances of admission to the world's leading MBA programs. We are well aware of the difficulties that applicants from non-English speaking countries may encounter in the application and admission process and we are well-equipped to tackle these difficulties to achieve the best possible results.

*Services offered vary depending on the center location.
** Names of the tests are the trademarks of their respective owners.


For MBA Programs

The MBA Center is proud of its strong collaborative relations with business schools. Only in close cooperation with MBA schools can we achieve our ultimate goal: to make business education more accessible for qualified MBA candidates through providing them with information and quality preparation.

  • The MBA Center services for business schools include:
  • MBA fairs;
  • virtual MBA fairs;
  • publication of an article or an interview with your school representative in our Magazine (online version);
  • advertising of your program in our magazine and on our Internet sites;
  • links to e-Learning;
  • database service;
  • follow-up service.

To find out more about MBA Center services for business schools as well as possibilities for collaboration please contact our main office at


Our Unique Method

The MBA Center Method, a unique and effective preparation program, is one reason why thousands of applicants choose to join our courses in centers around the world every year. The MBA Center Method includes educational materials and techniques that have been developed over many years. Our research team includes professional teachers, coaches, mathematicians, psychologists, psychometrists, and writers. At not the least, we greatly appreciate - and incorporate - continuous feedback from students.

Results-Oriented Preparation
To be clear, we do not teach basic English, mathematics, logic or writing skills at the MBA Center. What we teach you is how to succeed on standardized tests and how to best present yourself on an MBA application. It is true that you do not have to be an English expert in order to achieve a top TOEFL score. You do not have to be a natural writer in order to compose a winning application essay either. What you need, however, is to know what exactly is expected from you and what strategies will maximize your chances for success.

Individual Approach
Another advantage of the MBA Center Method is flexibility. Our staff will design a preparation program that takes your individual needs, strengths, and weaknesses into account. Thorough progress monitoring throughout the entire training period makes it possible to modify and adapt your personal program as needed.

Unlimited Number of Test Prep Hours
We strongly believe that practice is the key to success in test preparation. Therefore, we offer you as many test prep hours as you need in order to achieve desired test results.

Convenient Locations and Schedules
Our centers are conveniently located in major cities to provide for easy access. Classes are held in the evenings and on weekends so that preparation does not interfere with your work and other activities. If you prefer to study at another location or at other times, we can arrange this for you on an individual basis. A wide range of online and distance-learning tools is also available.


Instructors and Coaches

The MBA Center team of test prep instructors, admissions consultants, MBA coaches, and editors offers students a unique pool of expertise, skills, and experience capable of providing any service or type of assistance that students may need in their preparation for an MBA. Every individual working at the MBA Center has gone through a strict selection process and has completed an MBA Center Method training program to guarantee the highest quality of services.

Academic Background
The MBA Center has a strict policy of hiring only graduates of top North American and European universities. Currently, we have instructors and coaches who have graduated from INSEAD, Wharton, Stanford, HEC Paris, Duke, Chicago Booth, Columbia and Carnegie Mellon.

Cultural Sensitivity
Although a great number of our teaching staff are Americans and Canadians by nationality, all have extensive teaching experience abroad. This means that they are aware of and know how to tackle specific difficulties that non-native English-speaking applicants confront in preparing for MBA admittance.




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